Feb 13, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 hello & goodbye
this is a quick stop in to say hello!!
isn't the above photo funny!!!???
soon we'll be off to celebrate my happy birthday via a yummy brunch with my girls and Disneyland :o)

here's some inspiration for YOUR sunday!
 inspo to buy something i DONT need but want want want!

 inspo to make this pretty DIY jewelry holder from a vintage chair back!

 big hair and super good freckles inspo.
 inspo to look amazing even if you're just hanging out at home today.

 wedding inspo! i want my future brides maids to pick out their own dresses within a color scheme... this one is PERFECT!!!

 inspo to visit this amazing place!

 best braid ever inspo!

 inspo to explore pretty places this year :o)

inspo to have wayyyy too much fun today and end up like this tonight!

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