Jan 13, 2011

the dark side.

 hello hello!!!
im in the middle of having "brunch" at my desk right now which is making this post take wayyyyy too long. 
I'm currently enjoying pasta... do you guys like Suddenly Salad?? :o) 
anyway... here's some mid-day Dark Side photo inspo for you ....and me!

 water photos are my fave of the dark side files!

 frozen animals in the dark.

 double exposures and their dark side.

 what is that light?

 now... i LOVE cats but...

so good

 LOVE it.

being thrown

 dreamy! wish i was there to see it.

 chemical fire.

 reminds me of Kat of Rock N' Roll Bride :o)

so, i kinda wish it were real :o\

...that's not creepy.

thanks for reading gang!
i appreciate you ALL so so so soooo much :)
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  1. i LOVE every single one of these pictures. Im a new follower!!!


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