Aug 30, 2010

manic monday.

new name!
oh, hi darlings...
i'm making some wonderful and fresh changes in honor of a new month and season approaching... stay tuned for MORE! :))

enjoy these celeb photos from the DOJ files.
pretty nancy sinatra

miss marilyn monroe

best shirt ever on "little michael"

oh elvis! via johnnysbird

dakota all done up retro style.

LOVE jan and jon!

dear Liza!

...and her mommy Judy Garland :)) via here.

and pretty much the BEST photo i've ever posted on this BLOG
Microsoft company photo circa '76 ...YESSSS!!
(BG on the bottom left)

that's all for now!
[other photos via weheartit]


  1. HAHA! LOOOVE the Microsoft picture! That's so awesome!! :-D

  2. i love your blog, it's awesome! xo


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