Aug 24, 2010

mr. mayer time.


well it's 1am!!
...i'll be jammin' with this guy :)
Pretty sure i've made it very clear before that i adore John Mayer's music.
I'll be seeing him in OC "today" with my very good friends and sister THEN tomorrow we'll drive down to San Diego to do it all over again.

for those of you Mayer fans also attending the SD show... PLEASE stop by the JM wristbands table and get your $5 awesome bracelet (and photo for proof) from us :) 
(or at least say hi!)
The money goes to a great cause that John supports!! ...and I'm happy to be apart of it!
that's all for now.
if you want to follow me in this adventure live on twitter my user name is @bestsoylatte's bound to be interesting as it usually is with myself and Mr. Mayer 
(can you say "private party till 7am?"...yeah that was interesting) 



  1. What braclets? Are they going to be part of all of his shows? I'm going to the one next weekend on Sept 5th in Houston,Tx. And can I say that I'm severly jealous of that part about the privat party. I am the biggest John Mayer fan I know. (I call him my john-john hehe. :) )

  2. I hope you had a terrific time at the show :)


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