Jan 11, 2010

monday... i LOVE you.

i love you monday.
been working hard all day getting ready for the new FancyCat Vintage to be up and running tomorrow! 
yeeeeeek! *excited*

enjoy these fun photos :)

LOVE this photo of zooey D!

oh marilyn :)

fun times for mr. newman and miss woodward!

mr. james franco!

jason schwartzmallalaamamman
(thats what i call him to my sister)

the super cool francoise hardy

i mean like too cool for school.

mr. damon, mr. law and miss paltrow.
the talented mr. ripley gang!! 

been jammin to jakob dylan (the wallflowers) lately

amazing shot of miss Loren!

...and betty white loves us all!

:) XO!

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