Jan 25, 2010

i LOVE you monday.

here come the clouds!
it's been raining cat & dogs here in so cal. and the sun came out for the weekend but the clouds were NOT done.

and yes... the hot chocolate is in the making as i type this.
(and now I'm drinking it)

anyway... the celeb photos i LOVE on monday.

 never hard to enjoy mr. james franco.

paul newman... one of my faves.
(if you couldn't tell by now)

JGL & ZD! 


Our "Govenator" and Tom Jones.
(ps. wasn't Arnold's hair super cool back then?)

a great photo of Mr.AZ ;)

came across this cool Brady photo on my sister's BLOG! 
love it.

LOVE this photo shoot of Madonna!
(more where this came from...coming soon!)

my johnny!
i LOVE him in this flannel shirt.
i LOVE him in flannel PERIOD!

i love you on your passport Bobby Dylan :)

and now for a lil nap...
...ive been dreaming about one since about lunch time yesterday.

be back soon!

photo source: weheartit + theimposiblecool


  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (a.k.a JGL, AverageJoe and @HitRECJoe) need to be in more movies!

    *goes to write an angry letter to someone ... not yet knowing who exaclty*

  2. I LOVE Gorden Levitt & James franco Mmm :)


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