Oct 27, 2009

i LOVEd you Monday.

LOL! sorry. i had a busy weekend. i currently have a tummy ache. and this week and weekend is going to be crazier! Halloween on it's way and a crazy Halloween Bachelorette party this weekend in Big Bear! What fun! Just gotta get to Friday... until then... here's a late post of Monday's LOVE... on Tuesday ;)

1. i LOVE you and this photo Miss Monroe!!

2. i LOVE you Ken' brothers!!! 

3. i LOVE you Paul Newman and miss Joanne!! (sigh. what a dream boat!)

4. i LOVE you forever and ever Elvis!! 

5. i LOVE you Twiggy.

6. i LOVE you shirley temple!!

7. i LOVE you gangster Spock & Kirk <--- look at that pose!


credit: La Vie Boston/GQ magazine/weheartit

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  1. Ken Brothers = <3

    and I'm still laughing about the love(d) title. Tehe better late then never.


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