Dec 7, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

+tattoo tuesday+
 i woke up near the sea!! ...don't you love the above tattoo?
i feel an anchor tattoo coming my way in the near future since i like them so much!
...and here's some more tattoo LOVE from me to YOU!

definatley need a LOVE tattoo ASAP! 

 i LOVE that it says "wednesday" ...the best named day of the week in my opinion :))

 LOVE it.

 it's all pretty! (source)

 birds are always FUN.

 inspired to put little kitten tattoos in random "hidden" places :)) ...yes?

 so wonderful!!!

 ahhh SLR love :)

 totally going to get something like this next!!

 something for all you "harry pot heads" ;-))

...and I LOVE this crown!! (does anyone know what it's from?)

well that was fun!

other photos via tumblr&weheartit


  1. I LOVE the golden snitch. I've been wanting to get a little golden snitch tattoo for some time now and this may have just pushed me into getting it soon. Ha. Awesome blog!

    Raised By Wolves

  2. LOVE these! I'm so obsessed with pretty little tattoos. That feather is especially gorgeous.

  3. i love little small tattoos! i still really want to get one on my wrist but now sure what yet!


  4. The cubby house! yes and the the love tattoo... i wonder what teh meaning behind wednesday and the feather was? its so intriguing....

    I love tattoo tuesday!!!! xox

  5. wow! i think these are the cutest tattoos i've ever seen. the snitch one is uhmazing. i love the ones behind the ear- i think that is so cute and such a surprise, and if i got a tattoo i think i would want one there.

  6. That crown looks a lot like the symbol of Charlotte, NC. The Queen city!


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