Apr 15, 2009

i love!!!

please take note of the "!!!"

1. all on edge!

The baker's edge brownie pan! Every brownie is an edge! I wouldn't have to yell at my dad anymore for taking the edges! I see this all the time in my email from fredflare and I think..."I wish I owned that!" So I think Bonzie (my kid sister) and I are gonna make a deal and split the price! $44! Good Lawd that's a lot of money!

2. Don't tell.

He's gay but... because I keep seeing him on tv i'm falling in gay love with this kid. I think it's cus he's not singing while shooting a basket ball. AND he's was on The View and was so cute. Did you catch him on SNL making fun of himself!? Score!! I admit, I WILL go see that "17 again" movie on friday (I have a gift certificate).
eta: I'm not the only one (read what fredflare bloged)-->See, it’s pics like this that make me rethink everything! I mean, I’m not usually attracted to pretty boys like this! The swooping hair, the thick eyebrows, and the muscles… It’s just not my thing. But, my god, Zac Efronlooks effin HOT! He’s WAY younger than me and he’s a total Disney dude and yet I wanna makeout with him. These shots from his GQ interview actually made me wanna buy the mag! And after I read the mag, I wanted to see his new movie… Yes, I admit it, I wanna see it!   <--im not crazy! -Betty

3. LMBO4E!!
LOL!!! Okay so when I saw these last summer in my email from fredflare I almost wet my pants!! Are they not the funniest flippin' things ever. They are speakers but they look like giant iPod ear buds!!! HAHA!! I always loved oversized stuff. It's probably cus my Dad's from Texas (-;

eta: one more!
4. This sweetie pie!

Sweet angel, Matt Hires! Bonzie and I fell in love with him on the MCC2. We decided that we were gonna marry him off to her. Then we bought his damo cd and saw that he had a ring on )-: boo! I think "she" was there too. mmm whatev's. But isn't he cute?

one more!
5. this sign.
i love this cus :) it reminds me of a friend.

You are my sunshine!

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