Apr 19, 2009

i love.

it's time for lovin'.
1. I totally love this idea.

Glass water bottles! Found them in my email from fredflare. Love them. But they scare me a little when I think of taking them out of the house. Which I probably wouldn't.

2. Just found this.
The Boyfriend Blazer!! Also at fred flare! Love love love it.
Here it is on someone...

3. The new insert image pop up that is using!! It's the same as the new one (that they never had!) that's in Gmail labs! You know I got that too! It lets you change the size and it super easy!

4. I like the link insert helper too!

5. This apron!!
Isn't it adorable!!? We picked it up in Cabo actually. Couldn't find anything worth getting for FancyCat but I did see this cute Mexican lady selling stuff on the boardwalk and I liked her apron. So short story long... her husband made her take it off. the end.
But no really... isn't it cute?

That's all for now! Currently texting Mr. France while half watching The Apprentice with Mom and Bonzie while I do this. Skillzzzzz.

XOXO betty.

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