Jul 27, 2008

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while we wait for all the cars to get out of the parking lot... ill post a "sum-it-all-up" short blog... first off: john is thee most adorable, sweet heart ever. meeting him and seeing that he was as great as i thought he was (as a person) just made my world. i honestly didnt need anything else added to my day because i was content with his amazing manner. if that makes sense. uhmm so with that said... meeting him was lovely!
my short version (detailed version later): he came out and l83 had priority duh! laren was so cute (love her! so i got a pic with her) so he starts greeting and all i can do is smile. he got to gina before me and sheesh, hes fast at doing this. so my turn... i go to him saying "hiiii" (like aww old friend its been too long) i do this while hugging him and all i remember about the hug is his ear being really cold LOL! then i said " i wanna take the picture on this side of you cus i want the tattoo in it" he said "okay" (you can tell who wears the pants in this relationship *wink*) and then as if we were best of friends/or husband and wife (lol) i said: okay now im gonna frame one so which one do you like better (talking about my program that i got from lauren or the where the light is lining book) so he said: uhhh lets do this one cus its a better picture. so he did the: your name? spell? thing and i said "tiffany with a y" and then he finished and i said "thank you dahling!" (thinking geesh im brave!) so the above pic is the final.
concert later...


  1. I have to agree, it was about the best concert I have ever seen. So many people were there including John's girlfriend. Kudos to Lauren for the escort to the meet and greet (even though i didn't meet him, no biggie). And much more kudos to Gina, Dani, and Tiffany; greatest JM fans ever!

  2. Awww thanks to Jakey for being the "BEST DRIVER EVER!"


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