Aug 9, 2008

For Record Keeping Purposes (:

Okay my friends! I'm back and I've got my "review" of what was pretty much the most amazing evening of my world! July 27 is gonna be tough to beat for me! I'm gonna try to not spill my guts into writing a novel to save all of you.
Details of the whole day (with pics) are at:
Adding details to last night's blog of my meet & greet with John:So according to what I've read so far I we (Gina and I) met April (also from the fan club) and her friend... April you are a very lucky girl with the phone call/Dad situation. We were gabbing away and I look up and see John walking down the ramp and I hit Gina and I probably said "You guys shut up he's coming!"He came out and L83 had priority duh! Laren was so cute (love her! so i got a pic with her... I'll post later) So he starts greeting and all I can do is smile. He got to Gina before me and sheesh, hes fast at doing this sign/hello/take a pic thing. So my turn... I go to him saying "hiiii" (like aww old friend! its been too long!) PS. I love the way he looks you in the eyes so serious and happy and ...okay I'll stop.I do this while hugging him and all I remember about the hug is his ear being really cold LOL! But he felt so soft against me. I was in pure comfort. Then I said softly to him "I wanna take the picture on this side of you cus I want the tattoo in it" he said "Oh okay" (you can tell who wears the pants in this relationship *wink*) Then as if we were best of friends/or husband and wife (lol) I said: Okay now, I'm gonna frame one so which one do you like better? (talking about my program that I got from lauren or the where the light is lining book). This is when we got real close and put our heads together to "examine" the choices. So he said "Uhhh lets do this one cus its a better picture" I said "Okay" so he did the your name? spell? thing and I said "Tiffany with a y... yep just like that" and then he finished and I said "Thank you dahling!" (thinking geesh im brave!... and such a flirt!) So below is the signature. I love the heart!

and John and I. note: Anne (also from the fan club)... I thought of you like I knew I would and I thought "Oh boyyy their gonna love this one! Cus we seemed so relaxed by then that we just kinda squeezed each other and I layed my head on his chest just laughing to myself as I thought of you guys!

That's all I got for now.
It was (and I'll quote John here) The BEST SHOW EVER! ... we really were spoiled for being his "home" show. Lots of celebs on the side of the stage. Pete Wents, Ash Simpson, Jen and etc.
Okay friends... be nice with the comments!

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