May 12, 2014

manic monday.

Back to reality guys... it's monday!
I'm so happy to get back into being manic. With that said... I'm also happy to get back into stylizing the blog again. New sponsors on their way and a few changes here and there.

Anyway... here's a fun celeb mix for the manics.

Liz Taylor looks so pretty  up there and I honestly had her fighting with my girl Nicole Richie for the top spot. So... Nicole got the instagram post earlier. Lavender hair LOVE.

pretty pretty Lucy
Don't you just LOVE her forever and always??

my LOVE for Elvis need not be explained... today.

...and this Grammy shot of Daft Punk is SO fun to me! 
PS. i miss them being played in elecTRONica at Disneyland everyday. Those were fun times!

Well, that was fun to do again... I'll be back!

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