Jan 3, 2012

tattoo tuesday.

 happy tuesday!
so today i had a day off and got my busy work done... ie: my monthly budget, and shopping list. oh did i tell you i was a spread sheet and list nerd?? ...cus i am. 
but anyway, i wanted to start tattoo tuesday off with the amazing pirate ship forarm tattoo above. i mean ...can i request that my future husband have that exact same tattoo or what!?
and i hope his knuckles say "home life" ***wink wink*** to my fellow john mayer fans.
here's more!

 i keep seeing cute bostons and i keep falling in LOVE with them!

 tattoos and a bird... sure.


 i like the stick figures reaching for each other on his thumbs.



 it's fake but i love it for my fellow literate lovers.

 ...and love the rings.

one day a map tattoo will be coming my way!

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