May 31, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 hi friends!
well, i gotta say... there's nothing like a good beard and tattoos all over! who's with me?
let's dive right in!


 LOVE the wedding ring and the message :)

 nice and red.

 oh, hi there jonathan bracken!

 old fashion doodles... LOVE!


 i mean come ON!

 perfect man style!

i LOVE ending a post with a good "Stay Gold" tattoo!

Stay Gold my friends!

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May 30, 2011

manic monday.

 hey all you manics!
can i start off by saying that i LOVE christina ricci. 
i love her the most in the addams family (1&2!) and it just goes from there.

oh! and how do you like the new DOJ header? ...i get bored with things so fast so im excited to be doing small face lift changes here and there on the DOJ for summer!

here's some more celeb photos i'm manic for... 
 clint eastwood.... i mean seriously??? 

 lisa bonet = LOVE her... i wanted to dress like her back in the cosby days.

 love this young photo of angelica houston!

 Kennedys... BEST!


 cute twiggy. cute freckles.

 dapper pharrell.

 oh my olsen... i LOVE this look!

i heart sweet marilyn!

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May 29, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 happy sunday everyone!
well... i woke up early to sing at church and came home and took a four hour nap! whoa whoa! so now im up thinking of what i can do with the rest of the night.
i am currently listening to my "Jeff Buckley Radio" on Pandora as i put this little pack of inspo together for you all ....i LOVE it :) 

here's some inspo for your sunday...
PS. do you LOVE that wooden cupcake cup above or WHAT!?
 the prettiest!

 future home inspo! ...the perfect backyard hide-away.

 would LOVE this for a cozy little guest room!

pretty coffee & nails a la fancytreehouse :) 

mine please? 

 LOVING&WINNING = pink and stripes

 craving some bright tights like these for summer!

 ...was a good year.

dream big!

im dreaming about treating myself to some fiesta potato soft tacos so.... 
im gonna run out and go get some! YUM! ....solo date!

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May 27, 2011

something funny.

oh, hi everyone!
i don't know what got into me BUT i made a little video for you! 
...basically it's to say hello (in my whisper voice) to you all AND to give you a tiny (sneaky!) behind the scenes peek at my selection stages of a fancycatvintage photo shoot!

NOTE: yep...our carpet is pink! little piggies are hot pink! yep...i can make a quick vintage dress mess during photo shoots. 
 ...and yep... i'm kinda (video) camera shy ...isn't that funny?

let me know what you think! ....eeep!

LOVE to you all!


May 26, 2011

the dark side.

well today we had a disney day (after we stuffed ourselves at souplantation). 
they closed early though... SO i was able to make it back home in time to do a last minute/before bed dark side post for you all!


 i LOVE it.

 lots of water shots this time ...i know :)


well im off to bed... 
good night everyone!

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May 25, 2011

i like.

 hello there!
so i kinda LOVE LOVE like REALLY LOVE the instgram iphone app...
i find so many photos that inspire me on it from ALL over the world! see the heart waffles above? (LOVE!!!!)
SO, iphone havers... if you dont have the app... GET IT NOW! and for those of you that dont... well you can live through me!
im here to inspire you :)
here are some of my "insta-likes" ...enjoy.

so pretty

 erin of calivintage... always looking CUTE!

 great shoe shot of Miss James of bleubird.

 best of the gingers! ...katie of skunkboy :)

 restroom wall a la hulaseventy.

 my "insta-friend" Nick! ...perfect man style right!?

so glad i finally got to share!!! 
...and you can follow me on instagram too... i'm "BestSoyLatte" of course!