May 12, 2011

the dark side.

 good day to you!
today is the day i have yoga at noon thank goodness because the 9:30am one is so tough to wake up to. anyway... so my plans for today are to run a few errands. paint my nails. and eat left overs for lunch! (i made an Indian dinner last night with my mom) YUMMO!

goal of the day: take some CUTE photos... of things.

here's your dark side inspo!
PS. i want to know how they did Jack's make up for the Joker... 
drives me crazy when i try to figure it out!
 LOVE the claws!

 cute ghost ladies.

 black feathers for days!


dark with a peek of a tattoo... do you see it?

okay!! i'm off to go out into the world!

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