Dec 15, 2011

the dark side.

 hi folks!
well isn't this the prettiest ghost you've ever seen!?
i LOVE it... and here's more creepy beautiful things for you all to love.

 the flower colors remind me of the 90's ...yes?


 i LOVE hand love.

 this is Arrow (yeah I know her name is great right!?) with her hair that was donated to locks of love ...not really dark...just kinda awesome.

 this amazing image sent to me via wonderful reader Julia ...thanks Julia!!


soooo amazing!

other photos via

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  1. Hi, this is a message from a Taiwanese female poet. I really luv ur photos, especially the third one which a body floating on water. It just matches a poem i ''ve been writing recently. So I wish I can use the photo with my words and paste it on my Facebook Page with your name or mark on it. my contact:, and my Facebook Page is "" it is written in Chinese, though.


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