Aug 30, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 hello ink lovers!
i was happy to run into a nice collection of tattoos today being that ive been feeling icky all day.  tummy issues have had me in the bed/on the couch aching ...and a little annoyed that i can't really get anything done. 
but anyway! ...tomorrows a new day and i'll go full force into catching up for the new month. who's excited for fall??

here's some ink to enjoy...
PS. i dont know who that guy is above but he is dreamy dreamy dreamy ...looks like he could be a ginger too (wink wink)
 always a fan of things that take me back to child hood.

 very good via david hale.


 its a narwhal right? ...i like it!


 cutest doodle umbrella!

 i think i need an XO tattoo in my life. yes?

 HA!!! ...i had to share it with you!

 sweet maggie of NOIR OHIO in maui ....xo!

i want this so bad but i really think i just need my future mister to get/have it. 
...OH! the photos would be wonderful! :o))

other photos via

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