Apr 9, 2011

outfit report.

oh, hi everybody!
okay so last tuesday we decided to get out of the house and go to
1. another taping of the G4 tv show "web soup" (hosted by Chris Hardwick... my sister's "new bestfriend"...i'll tell you about it later.)
and 2. a Disneyland stop on the way back... duh!
we came across these fancy sea foam green lockers on our way out of Disneyland... perfect place for a random photoshoot right?? ...also! i LOVE old tiled floors like the one above! FOUND: in the womens restrooms behind the carnation cafe!

here's what i wore...

 the details:
black cardigan-target, b&w striped shirt-h&m, yellow scarf-target?, turquoise ring/blurry silver feather necklace-xxi, red braided belt-xxi, cuffed skinny jeans-target, black TOMS SHOES classics, huge sack bag-h&m

all photos taken via
my iPhone!
isn't that nice!?


  1. What a chill outfit. I wish I lived close enough to just stop by an amusement park.


  2. Hey just found you via Spell's blog. Love your style!
    Great blog you have lady

  3. The green lockers are the best and one can never have too many Toms. Love it!


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