Mar 15, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

hello hello!
happy tattoo tuesday everyone. here are some fresh photos of ink for you to enjoy. 
i had a lot of fun with today's collection... i hope you do too!
im in LOVE with the cat tat above... 

this crazy cat lady wants one of those so bad!

i love the 90's look of this one.


LOVE it.

Diana LOVE!

i LOVE it so much!!! i want this one too!

tattoos coming out of a clean cut suit always makes me swoon!

sweet and simple.

i LOVE doodles!

perfect shots here.

so good.

thank you to an "anonymous" reader for informing me that the photo i used for last week's tattoo tuesday header is of the super dreamy Pablo Holman... he's is a member of Chilean pop/rock band Kudai!
(i totally didn't get the feeling that he was foreign! cool!)

other photos via


  1. I think I'm too chicken to ever actually get a tattoo. Or maybe I just have never encountered anything that I want on me forever. But I love looking at them. You found some really nice photos. I'm loving the rest of your posts too :) I am definitely following you, pretty.

    <3 Lea


    just letting you know i gave you an award!! :D

    also, i am loving this weeks tattoo tuesday tiff! :D

  3. I have always wanted a sleeve - but don't know if it would suit me

  4. Deer Donna! thank youuu :o)

    Jessi... i totally know how you feel :o\


  5. love, love, love the dino and the kitty!!!!

    One of these days I will send you a pic of my babushka tattoos to see if they can get on tattoo Tuesday :)

  6. i am LOVING that camera tattoo!! if i were to get one, i think that's what i'd get too!! but im not brave enough to get a tattoo... haha!


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