Mar 26, 2011


 showing some LOVE & support.
oh hi everyone... i wanted to take a minute to share some CUTE things with you! here goes!
 4 guys that love God are selling art so that the proceeds can send them to Brazil to help out and do good stuff!
I think that's awesome and I'm happy to support Jarrod and his friends! make sure you check out the Brazillasaurus shop to see the cool stuff (and tattoos) they have! :o)

now some LOVE & support for my sponsors who support ME!
here are a few of my favorite things from their sites...
 i LOVE checking out the height of vintage goods and CUTE models :o)

 she told me it was all about keeping away the bad joo-joo with moon and sable ...LOL! i LOVED that!

 when i have my own linen closet pretty sure its going to only have MBG knit cloths in it!!

 insanely cute vintage is their motto over at buttertoast and the TRUTH!!

 FREE and super CUTE paper bunting tutorial!!! GO! GO! GO!

 i LOVE paint by numbers art! ...and CUTE trinkets galore over at sadiebess!!

AND ....get some funky outfit inspo from my kid sister's inspo BLOG!

ALRIGHT so make sure you check out my sponsors sites and show them some LOVE & support as well cus they support me!

*Thank you thank you to my sponsors and everyone else who helps in supporting Drops of Jupiter!!*


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