Mar 15, 2010

i LOVE you monday... in the SNOW!

i LOVE you Monday...
...from the SNOW!
(how cute are The Beatles!?) 

Today is the day we relax from that long drive up the hill.
We will probably go to The Village for some light shopping...definatley hit a thrift store up or two and then get ready for snow boarding all day tomorrow with my sweetest friend, Gina!

eeek! Can't wait to get out there!!
But anyway...
i LOVE you Twiggy impostors :)

i always LOVE Mick.

oh Audrey :)

Sean... the dreamy McDreamerson.

Elizabeth T!

Jackie O!

Bobby D!
(lol...this is fun)

Norma J!
(i can't stop!)

Drew B. and E.T!!!!
(i had to on that one!)

be seeing you SOON johnny!
(like in 2 weeks...cant wait!!)

LOVE this cool photo of Luke Skywalker!
This is a special one just for my friend Jakey who we are also up here visiting in Big Bear!
What do ya think Jake!!!?

Tattoo Tuesday...Tomorrow!


photo source: weheartit+googleimages

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  1. I'm so jealous you get to see my john john, with christmas shopping and all he was sold out by the time I went to buy tix to see him. :(


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