Dec 3, 2009

style crush!!

heyyy! trying oh so hard to get back in the BLOG game! it's gonna happen! it's happening right NOW!!
Okay so... my current style musician CRUSH MAJOR is on the precious boy in the photo above... Devendra Banhard!! 
His hippie-boho-hobo-native-ethnic-ilooklikeistinkBUTidont!-style is soooo making me SWOON! 
im so into him right now! oh AND he's got messed up teeth and tattoos! SOLD!!! I'm yours Devendra!!

he always has amazing jewelry all over!

his secret freckles are SERIOUSLY my all time fave! (but you know that i love freckles)

too cool for school...

he smiles TOO!!!

love this shot!

Summer outfit!!!

dreamy :o)

a vintage style MUSE for sure!!!

Look up Devendra at his myspace and listen to his beautiful music right away if you haven't already!! 
songs of his I recommend: 
1. Baby
2. Walilamdzi
3. Foolin'
4. Lover (from the Nick and Norah's infinite playlist film)
5. Sight to Be Told

and this short video of his "CRIB" is pretty fun.... and funny!

ack!!! he's too adorable!



  1. I know someone like that you'd like, Shane! Another Shane, Shane Lee, hes sort of like that guy.

  2. Argghh! Great post :)
    I am falling in love with him too! If I were a guy, I would rip off his style in a heart beat

  3. Devendra is such a badass. I love him and this post. Wish him and Natalie Portman were still together. I want to hear how amazing their conversations must have been!!!!

  4. He's almost TOO adorable in that coffee shop photo ... <3

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