Jul 6, 2009

Holy CUTE! - Polaroid addition.

okay so ive been having some major Polaroid loving moments lately and i must share the best of my loves...

this started it all.
amazing isn't even a word that comes close to what i feel about this Pola and the mustache alone.
aww man! I can't get over it! (photo cred: Hernandez)
then it got a little out of control when i went looking around on the search word "Polaroid Camera" on etsy.

pretty much my next etsy purchase. I love the vintage rainbow ones!

it goes on and on. If I decide to snag any of these I shall post LOVE photos of myself with them :)

***Special Last minute add on to support my super cooler than me sister...


  1. Loving your header and your photos!

    Stopping by from Operation NICE to invite u to our Jewelry Giveaway. We are a small charity made up of many men/women/kids who send cards to those battling cancer.

    Get in on our Giveaway and maybe even join :) Fun for the entire family & helping others...can't get better than that

  2. I am obsessed with polaroids! I just wish they weren't soooo expensive. I'm stocking up :)

  3. How are the keychain ones so small..... o.O I must know.


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