Feb 3, 2010

whatever wednesday... goin' on thursday.

things that made me say "Oooh!"

first things first!
this man and his mustache = OOOH!

heart sunnies!


...and I officially want a "punch red" trench now for "spring"... 
(I live in Southern California... we DONT have seasons)
(all from FredFlare)

oooh... pretty clown.

oooh... spooky!

hahaha!!! oooh that's funny!
(a play on the famous "keep calm and ..." for those of you not laughing)

seeing my SX-70 vintage polaroid makes me totally say "oooh!"

oooh! heart sunnies AND my pola!

oooh! we have vintage fabric HEART pillows up in our etsy store!



other sources: weheartit

PS. Thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments on my BLOG! I read every single one and they all make me SMILE!
Yesterday this BLOG had had almost 700 visits!
(699 to be exact LOL!)
and THAT made my heart sing!! 

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