Sep 29, 2009

back to work!

hey y'all!
(I don't really talk like that...and I'm not a crazy knife lady either. FYI.)

Vacation is officially over! We've got the store (eBay auctions) back up and running and etsy held us down while we were away having too much fun. Family came to the states from Germany and we had so much fun! I miss them so much already :'(

Here are some of my favorite photos from the vaycay...

First off we knew it was going to be an awesome vacation when we saw this on our drive to Vegas!!!

Then on arrival, we were greeted by this cutie pie while the others were watching The Lion King musical.

getting ready fro breakfast! Can't remember why everyone was laughing at me.

Breakfast pretty much looked like this for me everyday. I can NOT resist buffet oatmeal with brown sugar!!!
Yes, those are asparagus!

Fuzzy photo of my neice Christina at the shark aquarium. It was kinda cool.

The jelly fish were actually the best... IMO.

Ah yes... the photo they MAKE you take on arrival ......oh man.

Couldn't get enough of my little cutie pie nephew!!

The ladies lay out and Eric owned the wave pool!

Eric showin' off the skills!

Shopping on our way back home from Vegas... had to pose on the Ralph Lauren bed!

Couldn't leave the star of the show out... this was his "rarrrr" pose LOL!

Vegas, you were fun. Vegas people... not so much! We didn't care though cus we were together and enjoying it! Cali photos coming next!

XO tif.

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