Aug 10, 2012

insta summer.

oh, hellooo there!
getting back into the swing of things... i promise. PS. it's HOTT outside. i mean like 'close the windows and turn the AC on at 9am' hot. seriously. BUT those are the perks of living in sunny southern california. anyway... here are some instas of my summer. if you want to see them all follow me on instagram (@bestsoylatte) if you aren't already! :) annnd... enjoy.

 1. the new down town disney 2. my new studded clutch & free movie ticket from movie malfunctions with mr. armstrong (cool with me!)  3. back stage with the band watching the biggest rockstar pastor dave's return back home from battling leukemia #thankYouJESUS! 4. me trying out different hair #curls!

 best beach photo of my kid sister dani and miss esther @ huntington beach.

 1. dani and mickey match! 2. prettiest lunch at nordstrom cafe 3. best green shoes out of the box c/o bait footwear 4. debut of best green shoes at disneyland #thanksBAIT!
 sweet cat face. evil cat face. #siamesekittens

 1. curly hair day one 2. quick "gypsy juice" break & sunnies & DOJ on the ipad 3. growing up and being sneaky 4. yummy pasta on the couch with mr. armstrong and friends #mondaynightdinnerparty

 my girl miss willis and her CUTE studded loafers #dieforthem! #RedRumInk

 1. at disney's california adventure's carthay circle. very she-she-shee 2. all i do is drink gypsy juice & pin ...while kitty sitting 3. simply breakfast cheesy eggs on foccacia toast 4. trying a new kind of veggie taco at wahoos #yummo

 good LOVE always from mr. miles at the nordstrom ebar @ fashion island.

1. strawberries & cream cheese on a mini bagel in bed 2. murder mystery show on newport beach 3. fake sharpie tattoo on esther & my red tennies 4. pretty world of color at disney's california adventure #VIPviewing



  1. Those are really nice pics!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Reading your post gave me an idea on my wedding proposal plan. I might give my girlfriend a summer getaway in a classy condo along a marvelous beach. And wow about an ice cream topped with a diamond ring? What do you think? By the way, I love your pictures. Keep safe. -Darius Cartmell


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