Mar 7, 2012

outfit report.

 I want to get back into doing "outfit reports" again! 
I have to tell you that I was majorly (is that a word? ...spell check says... Yes!) inspired by Delightfully Tacky's "outfit photo tips" post. I too don't have a professional photographer friend at my side at all times or boyfriend to take photos of me while we're out. It's just me and my remote and I have always LOVED Elizabeth's photos that she takes of herself with just a tri-pod and a pretty place! PS. Do you sometime's call a blogger by their BLOG's name?? ...or am I the only one? ***I'm totally okay with being called BestSoyLatte (it's been my "user name" for everything for some time now and I'm used to it ...Drops Of Jupiter is fine too! #headtiltsmile

okay so here I am in basically something I wear A LOT. i LOVE this vintage chambray shirt that I literally got from the lady across the street!
This is actually the second phase of me styling it ...the first try was a FAIL. so this time I tried styling it with skinnies while buttoning it alllll the way up (Hey, Esther GURL!) and rolling the sleeves.

Now i LOVE it and wear it pretty much at least once a week... OR whenever I need to run errands. It's so easy!

i LOVE to wear it with my leopards oxford booties I got this past fall. I feel like "statement shoes" work best when I don't do my normal jewelry with an outfit. It's like my jewelry is on my feet! ***add mouse ears when needed :O) 

I also LOVE using this little vintage purse I borrow/took/stole out of my mom's closet... 
I call it my "It's a Small World" bag! #FUN!

Disneyland photos by: nerdydani 

outfit details:
chambray shirt- vintage Levi's, jeans- xxi, oxford boots- xxi, hat- target

PS again... If there's anything you'd like to see me post about, add to OR bring back as well, let me know in the comments. I'd LOVE to read your thoughts!!



  1. Damn, you're absolutely gorgeous! And I love your blog. It might be in the top 5 of all the blogs I follow. Just wanted to say that.

    (Go for outfits!)

    Love from Sweden!

  2. First off, your blog header is just beautiful! I love the name as well, it immediatly makes the song play in my head. :) Great outfit too! Love your shoes!

  3. Tiffany,
    Just discovered your blog today & I LOVE it - thank you for all the inspiration! Give a shout if you're ever in LA & want to do some vintage shopping with us ( - Hillary (and Linde)


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