Jan 18, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 hello again!
well here's part two of tattoo tuesday as promised!
make sure you check out part one over at the fashion grunge blog if you haven't already!

this is my "read it" edition :o)
hope you like!
LOVE this for all the Beatles fans!!

fragile & strong ♥

 have faith.

 i love these long ones!


 white ink!

 A beautiful life.

 geek out to this!

 so good.

 you win!!!

 want this SO bad!!

see ya tomorrow!!! :o)

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  1. Love,love,love script tattoos. My favs here are the tiny 'love' and the big long one on the torso. Me and my hub got 'carpe diem' on our wrists as wedding presents to each other so we never forget to seize each day together.

  2. All tattoo posts are good posts. :)

  3. I love tattoo tuesdays!!
    Far too much inspiration for a minor. Anyway i was searching for this L'Existentialisme tattoo, because i really love written tats, and i came across this one
    thats kinda cool, you might dig it:

  4. The last one {La La La} is amazing. So simple, witty and gorgeous too.

  5. I saw something on line awhile back where the word “good” is written in bold black letters, but if you look into “good” you see the word “Evil” it is pretty bad ass and rthis will be my next tat. I am thinking either on my neck, or going down my spine in big letters then I can add an angle on one side and a demon on the other both pulling at my soul. Hell ya!!

  6. thanks Katie! Saved it to my files!

    @Tim.. LOL! I'm sure youre more good than evil ;)

  7. Just saw this after my other comment. I LOVE these tattoos! I've been wanting one for over a year and a half now, but haven't been able to pick what I want and where I want it. These are great ideas though! I've been having trouble finding pretty/simple ones, but it seems you have gathered them all in one post :)


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