Jan 7, 2011

fancy things!

oh, hi everyone!!
SO... TONIGHT we have 40 items for auction and ENDING!!!
they can be found in our eBay shop.
You'll find some NEW items that we mixed in with some OLD items that we are clearing out for the next season! 

take a looksie!
 perfect for that fancy party you're going to!

 it's a vintage olypics "travel" jacket!!
(you can literally fold it tiny and keep it in your purse!)

 LOVE it!!!

 pretty pretty vintage maxi dress!

 this is my favorite of our NEW items :))

get ready for SPRING!!!

and there's MUCH MUCH MORE!!!


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  1. Love it!! I also wanted to drop by and tell you I found a lovely tattoo for you, I found it while browsing my Pinterest site.
    Go here,

    Thanks love for always giving us such great inspiration, just thought I would return the favor.
    Carrie Lee


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