Jan 15, 2011

a few goals for 2011

well my day got started early and i LOVE when that happens. i dont like waking up to an alarm but i DO love waking up early (as long as i feel rested) im SO happy that it's only noon and i've got a lot done already and stilllll going!

so i wanted to share a few things of my "mental list" of 2011 goals!
...details below :o)
- i LOVE yoga... it's just been so hard lately for me to get back into the classes! but i promise you and myself NEXT week ill be back in there and this time i won't stop!

-Find a mentor ***I thank the beautiful inside and out Promise Tangeman for inspiring me to have this be a goal... I saw it on her list and thought "YES!!!! too!" (thanks Promise! xoxo.)

- God's plan and purpose for my life... have any of you read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.... it's so good. I've read it twice. This year I want it to be my MAIN GAME... which is to work hard with the gifts God has given me! 
(which means there will be MORE things to blog about!!) :o))

-I want learn all about an how to use illustrator 
(no... really does anyone know?...can someone give me a demo??)
i have BIG visions for this!

-i LOVE God (He is the center of my world, life and heart) and I love YOU GUYS!!... i LOVE reading your comments (i read every single one!) and I look forward to getting to know my readers MORE and MORE this year!! 
***Please if you haven't already, say hi and tell me your favorite food or something LOL!!!

-Quiet time everyday????
this is gonna be a hard one for me... but i'm going to do it!

Okay! so i wanna know some of YOUR 2011 goals!!!
Please tell!

[[photo above if via 
my iphone of me having my first *quiet time* at starbucks 
...ive been twice this week! YAY!!]]


  1. happy new year! excellent resolutions! I too need to remember to keep hydrated and to love love love.


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