Jan 17, 2011

checking in!

oh hiiiii everyone!!
it's so beautiful and sunny today in So. Cal!
...and that's perfect for our eBay photo shoot happening today. 
we already have lots of super fancy things up for bids [click here] AND the dress i heard a lot of sweet comments on from my 5 things post is also up for grabs! 

make sure you take a look!!
i'll be back with a manic monday post later!



  1. You're so teeny and adorable.
    Cuttteee dress.

  2. ohhh heyyy girl! you and your blog are SO CUTE! im lovin it!!!

  3. That dress is so cute! You have such good stuff up for auction--I wish some of it were in my size!

  4. I love the clothes you have- just wish i lived in calafornia instead of northern ireland so i could take advantage of the auctions! (and for the weather) btw did you get the tatt photo i tweeted you?


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