Jan 20, 2011

the dark side.

 hello there!
it's been a full day here for me :o)
prepping for a one day business road trip. new tires on my car and and oil change. fixing my brake light. eating leftovers. waiting on a phone call. trying to keep up with my ever growing to-do list. dreaming about a massage. etc. etc.

so anyway... here are some dark side photos from the DOJ files!! 
polaroids never fail!

 in a web.

 ghost cathedral.

 not creepy at all.

 this is a good shot.

out of focus.


 tree hugger.

ALSO... The winner for the Classic Girl Giveaway is:
Rachel Larson of On The Grind!
Congrats Rachel! contact me at DropsOfJupiterBLOG[at]gmail[dot]com with your info so we can get your prize to you!!

Special thank you to Stephanie of Classic Girl Vintage and to everyone who entered! 
I LOVED reading your reasons you love vintage! 
i LOVE LOVE LOVE it too :o))

top photo via erregiro
other photos via


  1. Those are some pretty dark pics.. I too like the one of the arm and hand... Hope you get your massage girl... safe travels..

  2. oh wow these are some pretty eerie photos! thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is so nice, but I am wondering... What inspired you to do tattoo Tuesday and are these personal friends of yours, or an array of pictures found?

  4. @ndeindustry: most of the tattoo photos i collect are of people i don't know. i usually say if i know them or not ;)


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