Jan 18, 2011

man style. (Fashion Grunge Edition!!)

 Hey All! 
Its Lauren here from FashionGrunge! Tif was so kind enough to ask me to put together my own grunge post for all the fans out there. Let's face it there is never a bad time to look at some hot rockstars grunged up.

Grunge started as a movement in music in the late 80s-early 90s. The fashion that grew out of it was very reminiscent of just wearing what you had around, whether it matched or not. This style got particularly famous when the Olsen twins brought this look back about 4 or 5 years ago. It has since trickled down into the fashion system and is still going strong with each and every season.

Here is a look at the bands that spear headed this look up in the Pacific Northwest those magical years ago.

Temple of the Dog (incl. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam)
Pearl Jam
The Mats
Mother Love Bone

Screaming Trees
Kurt Cobain
Peace. Love. and Grunge Music.

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  1. Great (and well-informed) post!
    I loved this era so much..

    Today is Kurt's birthday..he would be 44. :(

    I'm following your
    blog now..I really like it!



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