Jan 1, 2011

raise your glasses to 2011!

 Happy New Year!
i hope you all had a safe and fun new years eve.
i honestly have been sicky poo the past few days :o(
ive got some kind of body achey illness thing and im finally trying to get some rest to kick it.
and now that the "holiday season" is officially over i can rest AND catch up on things!!
so i started this tradition post last year themed with glasses!

raise your glasses!
here's to 2011! ...enjoy.

 i LOVE this photo so much :)

 another goodie from the DOJ files!


 oh Marilyn I know!! I can't believe it's 2011 either!!! ...heehee.


 lovely spectacled ladies!! 8-)

 hellooo there :)




happy new year everybody!
it's gonna be a GOOD one!!!

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