Jan 12, 2011

obsessed with it.

 I'm SO totally obsessed with...
Emma Watson's NEW hair cut!
I was in the magazine section and saw her on the December cover of Marie Claire and I just gasped. It's SO twiggy chic
Please note:
I'm NOT a PotHead (Harry Potter Fan) like at all...
So it has nothing to do with that and who she is...I just really thought she looked so beautiful on the cover with her new-do... so I bought the mag :o)
I've been wanting to talk about it for over a month now so here are my favorite photos of her new hair!
the cover shot.

twiggy ...right!?

 totally LOVE this.

and my favorite shot of the whole shoot was this dance move collage!
here legs look super great :)

that's all... 
SO glad i finally got that off my chest!
what do you think of her new hair cut?

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  1. I am just as obsessed as you! I wish I could pull off a look like that. I would never have the guts to do it in the first place. And she is pretty much perfect. lol

  2. very "rosemary's baby", i love it, it looks stunning on her and 1000 times better than when it was long!

  3. Ach, just when I resolved to grow my hair out, this makes me want to keep it short! I think I just need a wig vault. >D

  4. I love everything about Emma Watson, she is just amazing! xxx

  5. She looks pretty with that hair cut. I could never pull it off.


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