Jan 3, 2011

man style.

 James Franco.
okay so do you LOVE him as much and my sister and i do??
we saw him last week in 127 Hours... 
and i was traumatized and really believe it was what pushed me into getting this "flu" bug. No Lie!
Anyway... I like his man style from the classy suits to the relaxed and trashy t-shirts. YUMMO!
(PS. I was going through the DOJ celeb photos and though "hmmm...there's some great man style here!" we're giving it a try! Let me know what you think.)
He's not to bad on the eyes either! Often he reminds me of my Johnny Mayer

 i love the "i dont really want to have this on right now" roll up of the sleeve look here.

 you had me at nerd glasses.

 messy hair in a suit = LOVE.

 ...and my personal favorite... the "i don't feel like taking a shower today" look :))

so wonderful.

and here's some more man style for your monday :))


 the beatles.

...and Jimi.

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  1. I could do some of those pics Tiff! That'd be cool.

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  3. Cursing is NOT allowed on my blog. Thank you thank you.



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