Jan 11, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 well hello there!!
today is a good day's tattoo tuesday!
after i finish up with this, my sister and i are going to pack up our shipping (thanks to all you cute fashionable people who keep our shop running!) hit the post office and then do some grocery shopping! ...hmm maybe im a little too excited about it.
honestly, i'd rather stay home in my PJ's but we have like NO food!

anyway... here's some fun tattoos... 

 wondering if those are "drops of jupiter??" ;-))

 this would make a cute DIY photoshoot.

 anchors couples tattoo LOVE!

 i spy a sad cracked toof :'(

 cute pair of birdies!

i LOVE it.

 holy. cows.

i wish too see more of this one.


 also LOVE.

 ampersand tattoos NEVER fail me! via jeremy&kathleen


 Sarah McNeil's art as a tattoo pretty!

 i love her freckles the mostest.

 hello sir... you are awesome!

and someone else who i think is awesome is photographer Jarrod Renaud 
(pronounced "RENO") :-))
you MUST read the story of his newest baby girl Sailor and he was sweet enough to send me an email of her tattoo ...isn't it sweet!?
and yes, my friends... that IS what a baby sized angel looks like!!
hey Jarrod, happy birthday!.... AND she. is. precious. indeed!

and here he is with his tattoos, his TOO CUTE wife Tess and their adorable kidlets :o)

that's all my friends!!

other photos via 


  1. I love the anchor and the keyhole :)

  2. Another great tattoo Tuesday. I love the rainbow raindrops, soo cute!

  3. everytime I see these posts it reminds me of how I need a new tattoo!

  4. Gorgeous tattoos! I'm flattered to be amongst them!

  5. WOw! love the tattoos very artistic and realistic. starfall

  6. Hola, alguien me podria decir como se llama la fuente del tatuaje de la muñeca que pone ''alive''? gracias


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