Jul 8, 2010

work hard.

hi everyone!
ive been working hard all day on the the fancycatvintage website. im so sorry i didn't get to post today... i fell into that work mode zone and never looked back!
here are the sneak peaks ive been talking about :)) 

 that's right!
fancycatvinatge is going to have vintage home goods!!! yay!

and here's something cute from weheartit that made me laugh...
i think im just laughing at the word "carn't" 
oh, Ringo....Hahahaha!!

oh yeah...
and i haven't forgotten about the birthday week give aways.
Gonna prep one up tomorrow and get it going.


cupcake & desk photo also via weheartit.


  1. Hehe love Ringo's face! The top image is very inspiring too, and it looks like the sneak peeks are going to be great :)

  2. I love this first photo. I want that above my desk.

  3. i want the desk so bad too! i LOVE Ringo... he's my mommy's fave! :))

  4. Great blog! Found it from A Beautiful Mess.


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