Jul 18, 2010

sunday inspiration.

+sunday inspiration+
taking a break from a busy sunday for some ideas and inspo!
im in need of some... how about you?

inspiration to wear big pretty rings. 

inspiration to wear black lace how ever i want. 

inspiration to lay out a the beach.

inspiration to go get my nails done in a pretty summer color.

inspiration to keep working hard on the fancycatvintage shop.

inspiration to go to my happy hide away at Big Bear lake for some R&R
...and to see Jakey and Gina :))

Inspiration to get a bike...and use it! about you!??
[A poster in the city of Meunster's Planning Office shows the amount of space taken up by cars, a bus, and bicycles used to transport the same number of people.]

inspiration to go have some disney time... i think i haven't been in at least a month :(

inspiration to sleep and have good dreams.

hoping your weekend was wonderful.
+all others via weheartit&tumblr+


  1. Great pics, I love the ring in the first pic especially!

  2. Loooooove that poster about cars/buses/bikes! That's so cool! I wish I lived in a place where bike-riding was even an option (I live on top of a mountain). Sighhh.

  3. @Veronica... im kinda in the same in a valley on a steep hill heading to the top of said valley :-T

  4. Lovely inspiration picks! I especially like the black lace one, I do hope very much that you do wear the black lace mask!


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