Jul 23, 2010


going mad!
ive caught the bug and i am officially "going mad"
...are you surprised??? it was bound to happen. 
1960's fashion AND drama?
...i was gone the second i got a good look at that Jon Hamm (Don Draper)...
can you say dreamy McDREAM BOAT?!!?

so Season 4 premiers Sunday night!
here's some Mad Men LOVE to hold us all over until then :)
LOVE the lighting and colors here!

i DROOL every time over the secretary's and their 1960's desks.

1960's grocery store!!! Wish there was one they would just keep that way :((

Joanie is my GIRL!! representing for us curvy ladies!

I'm still catching up and educating myself in the span of a couple months now ...but I'm learning that Paul had a "mocha" girlfriend??... heeeheee!!

the sets and the props = LOVE!

Betty in her bubble gum pink Marilyn Monroe dress it!

Peggy getting away from the full skirts... exciting :)

Betty's Andy Warhol summer dress was SO cute! ROCK-THOSE-GLOVES!

:)) i don't even need to say it!


funniest episode EVER! my sister and i didn't know what had happened when the black stuff (blood) came shooting out all over everyone! LOL!!! we were laughing so hard... even to this day we giggle!

Trudy's black tie gown.... i LOVE the jeweled "t-shirt" top!!!  

again... i want everything here!

the boys! LOVE them in their skinny ties too!

okay... Betty went wayyyy MOD here... and how do i get that clutch!? I need it!

the glasses! ...i need them.

LOVE this shot of Don. LOVE the colors and lighting...again!

ahhh the "bohemian" Midge... I LOVE it all! (look! she's got paint supplies in the back!)

Sheila in purple! ...CUTE! ....but uhmm what is Paul wearing (frown!)


this shot is SO cute :))

are those paper cups!? why don't they make THOSE anymore???

and a shot for Season 4... LOVE it! CANT wait!!!!

So if you love it as much as I do please comment and we can hold ourselves over in discussion till Sunday... 


  1. O my gosh girl! What photo journalism, love the post... And when I make ur outfit I won't have to go too far for reference material... Love the madness!

  2. I'm so behind at watching Mad Men! But these photos make me want to watch it right now...


    but guess what today is....squeee!


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