Jul 6, 2010

tattoo tuesday... birthday edition.

++tattoo tuesday++ 
and so lucky to have it fall on DOJ's birthday :))
sooo... i went all out!
if i go back to bangs... i want this style. 

ginguhh!! :)

this is SO pretty and i LOVE the secret pear at the bottom.

i still see it :)

so appropriate! 

i like this guy. 

i support the nerds.

this has got to be the CUTEST tattoo ive seen!! --> \o/ <--eh? all you need.

LOVE it!

awwwweee!! and look at the little girl's vintage mexican dress :))

okay let's talk about the amazingness that is the photo shoot that Kat of Rock 'n Roll Bride did...

...she wore a vintage dress. had Mad Hatter hair. a tiny pink hat. pretty tattoos out and the most amazing backgrounds!!!
you MUST see it.
(click the link above)

thanks for the LOVE.

[all other photos via ffffound&tumblr&weheartit]


  1. Oh wow, thank you so much for posting my photos of Kat (Rock'nRoll Bride)! That's so cool.

  2. Hi! I love this feature so much! I just had one comment though- is there anyway you could post a link to the original photo source for all of the images so we can follow it through? Some of the images are incredible and I want to see more!

  3. Tattoo Tuesday is my fave! Especially nice roundup for this one - happy birthday DOJ!

    P.S. - I looooooove the girl's hair (with the bangs) in the first picture! I just gave myself bangs the other day... but now I want my hair to grow so I can have hair like hers!!!

  4. One of the best Tattoo Tuesdays. Good job.

    The love tattoo (although quite cute) is on her middle finger. Now I ask is she giving love the finger?

    Kat and Rock'nRoll Bride are always awesomeness.

  5. @hannahb is there a specific one you want to know about?? most of these are from ffffound, weheartit, or tumblr...and they dont get me too far on original photographer. (email me) :))



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