Jul 3, 2010

what's in my bag?

what's in my bag?!

well pretty much the same stuff as last time! LOL!
i guess i haven't changed much.
but just for fun... let's compare:
So WHATSwhat was in my bag???
1. polka dot iPhone cozy that I got on etsy (earphones inside for emergency jam sessions) NOPE! and i transfered the earphones to the floral zip bag
2. keys!
3. gourmet detective (the murder mystery dinner theatre i manage) keys!
4. black vintage mini coin purse i got at a thrift store that is now the cute owl change purse shown below :)
5. elvis checkbook inside an orange mesh zipper bag (that also holds my quad color pen, business cards and chap stick)chap stick has also been moved to floral zip bag
6. samsung bluetooth egg
7. black glitter draw string bag that holds girly stuff
8. cream quilted style wallet from ForLove 21
9. red 80's vintage sunglasses from LaBomba they broke :(( and have now been replaced with peachy pink sunnies!
10. 1/3 full bottle of water?
11. Chinese coin purse that holds my pills and dental floss ;o)
12. tic tacs replaced with trident gum
13. travel bottle of "cotton candy" scent body spray ***it's 1/32 full now... i need to replace it with the new cupcake spray my sis and i found!!
14. grey 80's vintage sunglasses from Goodwill
15. black travel wallet from Nordstrom
16. bottle of Aleeve im into liquid midol these days ;)
17. Soft case that holds my gold-jeweled compact mirror from Arbonne International *compact shown out of case now for viewing.
*** Vintage Giorgio Armani Tote (with elvis pin) from LaBomba  
***totally changed to a cute brown giant boho sack from H&M for pretty much ALLLL of winter and spring and just switched it out for the above vintage circa '69 hippie sack i bought while treasure hunting. 

note: also an added treasure, my mini note book for writing down ideas and what not and the awesome Amoeba Music sticker on it :))
*also a lime green ID wallet for our weekly Disneyland trips...i don't like anything weighing me down.
*and a blue ben ;)

so sadly i only wore the hippie bag for 2 days and today i actually switched it to this Trader Joe's shopping bag that i got the other day while picking up some special things. 
 I know, i know... but I like it (and it's big AND festive for the 4th of July holiday!)

what WAS in my shopping bag!?
**special things included:
 vitamin water (energy-c), vegetarian black bean and cheese taquitos, 2 grapefruit, some women's multivitamins (i diagnosed myself a few days ago with iron deficiency, hence the grapefruit and drugs) and corn tortillas (reals they only have 3 ingredients: corn, lime and water. that's how you know they are good! the end)

that's all folks!

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  1. Cupcake spray: Yes we plan on smelling like it's our 12th birthday for the rest of the year! Yummy!


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