Jul 13, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

tattoo tuesday
love love loving this mellow day.

i have tomorrow "free" and a few things im looking forward to are:
1. listing CUTE vintage on the new fancycatvintage dot com.
2. grocery shopping.
3. resting.

 love her!

i LOVE "continent" tattoos


 haha! raise your hand if you thought of jason mraz when you read that!

 twin tattoos! i LOVE this so much!!!!

oh hi doggie! 



hugs to my tattoo tuesday followers!
i LOVE scoping out ink just for you... really i do!

[photos via weheartit&tumblr]


  1. Ooooh you found some good ones today!!!
    - Umm, the redhead in plaid is most definitely my dream guy. Just sayin.
    - "Possibly maybe" is a Bjork song too...that's who I thought of!
    - Peter Rabbit! Omg. LOOOVE.

  2. love this!! so many beautiful tattoos. :)

  3. I look forward to tattoo Tuesday I get all excited and relive old ones in archives I love it keep it up!


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