Jul 15, 2010

3 things.

3 things i adore.
this photo of my boy circa 2007.

lace&ribbon on Polaroids = genius&drooling!

miss Coury in sweat shorts in todays L.A. heat!! amazing.

so we've been working hard on getting the new fancycatvintage dot com up. 
it's looking so beautiful. im so proud of my sister for her hard work in editing and being so into the "webmaster zone" she/we have been forgetting to eat.

it's this LA heat for sure.

we are so excited to go LIVE and you guys will be the first to know!
PS. have you seen our crazy $4.99 or LESS sale yet??
it's insane!



  1. Ok I'm am deeply disapointed, I was on John Mayers blog earlier and I thought that was a recent photo. I was so exicited to see that he was growing his hair out again. I am so in love with that photo. He is one sexy, sexy man.

  2. @Krystal... in 2007 i was not a fan of the hair but this photo is DIVINE!

  3. i like that she wears wedges with sweatpants!


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