Jul 20, 2010

weekend re-cap.

weekend recap:
my sister and i went to lunch with friends after church and i was having a book store craving so after a disappointing trip to Borders for Dani and I...

...we decided to cure the pain with some good 'ol fro yo at Yogurtland!
Pain Cured.
we indulged... so we decided to head over to Barnes & Noble for a second helping of books in hoping they'd make us feel better. BUT first we needed to walk off the ODing of froyo... at H&M.

Dani found a cute blue blazer that reminded her of Micheal Jackson... but she didn't get it. 

so I found what I was looking for at B&N...
"Family"... (a photography book by: Lauren Dukoff that has ALOT of *my crush* Devendra Banhart photos as they are like besties!!)

...and a Warhol book.

Mr. Warhol.

ahhhh Devendra :))
(more photos of this dream boat coming soon!)

and me!

(tattoo tuesday coming right up! ...promise)

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