Jul 19, 2010

3 things.

3 things you must see!
[from my ♥July♥ sponsors]

1. Kenny Rogers Western Blouse! LOL!!
2. Sailor Girl Play Suit.
3. Pretty Red Honeymooner night gown.

Like A Bird To The Sky:
1. Inspiration 
3. WOW! Embroidery Art!

1. MOD dress attack!
2. Pretty Plaid Top.

2. Yellow clogs to DIE for.

1. cute little vintage typewriter.
2. vintage aviator sunnies.
3. RED magical teapot!

1. Pretty floral vintage bag
2. BEAUTIFUL lace wedding dress.
3. Cutest Sailor top!

1. cute little shirt.
2. Pretty party dress.
3. Geo LOVE!

1. Can't go wrong with a caftan.
2. Dashiki LOVE.

1. The LOVE of Yellow.
2. All things Sofia Copalla.
3. ooh! Ballerina's!

1. Tweet!

1. mustache forever!
2. owl headband. hoot!
3. CUTE lil mocha girl art.

Thank you to ALL my sponsors!
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The CUTE give aways from some of my sponsors (and me!) that I spoke about weeks ago (before I got sick with a bad case of vertigo) are on their way probably tomorrow! i promise!!

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  1. Lovely job with the feature! Love how you have it all laid out :)
    I need to go check out some of the other sponsors pronto!

  2. all my sponsors have super cute stuff! check it all out :))



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