Mar 17, 2010

Whatever Wednesday ...St. Patrick's Day edition!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

We are back home and I miss Big Bear and my friends Gina and Jake already!
I also miss snowboarding!
We had so much fun on the mountain with a beautiful view before throwing ourselves down it on our boards...LOL!

My body is SO sore...but I likes it!
here's some St. Patty's day inspo' for your Whatever Wednesday :)
pretty green!

pretty bike in the greenery.

mia farrow in green.

resting in the green leaves.

great vintage green polka dot dress!

Lucky Charms
...the worst and best cereal! ...right?

photo source: weheartit+flickr


  1. Lovely pictures! Did you take them?
    Happy St. Patricks day to you too :)

  2. i did not take the photos... the source is at the bottom of all posts :)


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