Mar 12, 2010

theme thursday.....friday edition o.O

Friday Edition???
LOL! ...just go with it.
I got so busy yesterday that the day got away from me.
BUT I am feeling so much better now that I was able to "fix" what happened to me on Wednesday.
I'm calm now :)

SO...Can you guess where we went on Sunday?

 Duh... where do I go every Sunday?
Yes! Disneyland and that's the theme for "Thursday"
....VINTAGE style ;)
oh man.. this guy OWNS with those amazing glasses!

my sister and i wondered why the random Indian was there (on main street). 
so i found out that it was because of the previous "fine tobacco" shop!
it's now a disney music store.

if you have a cool vintage photo of you trying to pull out the sword like this one... please send!

if you have cool vintage photos of Grad Night at disney '67....please oh PLEASE send! LOL!!!!


O-G autopia!! yeah remember when the cars were cool. 
yeahhhh... i do.
BTW, cute sandals!! she is ON that #8 and serious about it too! 

great pola!

oh Disneyland... i love you :)

here i am with the cutest little mouse ear key chain... i couldn't stand the cuteness!

but you know what i miss is the old Skyway ride :o(
i read that you can still find the old entrances if you look in the bushes and stuff....
here's one from flickr taken in 2005 (11 years after the closing of the ride) and you can see the decay :(
so I'm gonna look for what i hear is impossible to see now and take photo's next time!

kid sister and me!


sources: weheartit+flickr+googleimages

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  1. Pinocchio look wooden! ..... but I guess he's supposed to huh>


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