Mar 3, 2010

theme thursday. spring florals.

So this was me yesterday...
After yoga...I was in bed all day sick and all my tummy could handle was tea!
But this pretty photo starts off my
Theme Thursday!

*Spring Florals*
these tights are so pretty and great!

I love the "Coco" straw hat to match!

Audrey Hepburn = amazing.

we've got super cute Floral Hearts in the 

pretty ballet shoes.

definatley going to break out my floral tights for spring!

i NEED this floral "grandma" scarf.

this super cute FancyCat Vintage floral dress just sold...i LOVED it!

the prettiest floral dish ...EVER!

this last one sums up the way i feel... i just want my bed :(
but isn't this floral all over on amazing???


sources: glamormagazine + weheartit


  1. where oh where are those pretty ballet shoes with the flower on top from??? i REALLY want to buy myself a pair of flats and a pair of fun heels that have those types of flowers on them! they are such a cute way to dress up shoes!!!

  2. Uh oh...i'm not sure :( I found the foto on

  3. Love your blog! I found you from
    Check out my etsy shop sometime :


  4. that picture with the hanging tea bags is magical. all of these pictures are FANTASTIC. nice infds.


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